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Data Center

Data center is the basic setting for big data and cloud computing, and optical transceiver module is the core optoelectronic device for data center to realize high-speed data transmission and exchange. With the rapid growth of artificial intelligence, cloud computing, 5G Internet of everything, online education, online office and other new applications, data center data flow is also showing explosive growth.Hirundo have high-speed optical transceiver module which speed from 10G to 800G, and high-quality optical interconnection products for data centers.  

Hirundo have equipments to build the Cross Self-healing Ring Network, Ring Network provides protection function, to prevent fiber optic cable interruption from affecting businesses; the system capacity is 40 wavelengths*10G, point-to-point service transmission can be achieved by any node in the network, customers can flexibly schedule demand based on changes in service bandwidth requirements of each node at any time; Support upgrade the expansion of single channel to 100G transmission.

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