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Manual VOA

MM/SM handheld VOA

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Hirundo have a wide variety of single-mode (SM) or bias (PM) adjustable optical attenuators (VOA). These VOA are not terminaled or have FC/PC or FC/APC connectors. For this reason, we also provide an electronic VOA with output power that can be manually controlled or electronically controlled. Fiber connectors that fix optical attenuators can be connected to FC/PC or FC/APC single-mode fiber jumpers. We also offer fixed optical attenuators for SMA connector multimodal fibers.

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Screw control


Angular accuracy


Small size

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Grade PGrade AGrade AGrade A
Operating Wavelength1550±301310±301260~1650
Attenuation Range0.3~650.6~600.7~601.0~60
Precision0.02/0.05 over 0.6~60dB0.02 over 0.7~60dB0.02 over 1.0~60dB
Insertion Loss≤0.3≤0.6≤0.7≤1.0
Return Loss≥60dB
Polarization-related losses≤0.1 for 0-20dB attenuation
≤0.2 for 20-60dB attenuation
Optical Average Power500 mW
Operating Temperature-0~+70℃
Storage Temperature-40~+85℃
Package sizeGold-Plated Body