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Fiber Optic Closures

Tracts range from 24 to 144 cores

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The fiber core of this series of products can be flexibly connected in any way, such as grouping, differentiation, capacity expansion and direct through in the box.

Applicable outer diameter of optical cable: φ 12~ φ23mm range.

Fiber Optic Closures Box size

Fiber and connector in the tray


Shell size (mm)

Number of optical cable holes in and out

max. cap

HRGJTH-180 type A

Ф 180×560

6 Round hole

Tracts range from 24 to 144 cores

HRGJTH-180 type B


6 round hole + 1 large round hole

Tracts range from 24 to 144 cores

HRGTH-180 series optical cable joint box products are suitable for the installation and use of overhead, pipeline (tunnel), direct burial and human well laying mode in communication and radio and television optical cable lines.