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50G PON, the future of all-optical 10G

50G PON technology-

mainstream technology for the next generation of optical access network

Currently, the global development momentum of fiber optic access is at its peak, widely used in important scenarios such as homes,
campuses, cities, and manufacturing industries. In the field of fiber optic access, passive optical network (PON) is the preferred leading technology,
which can achieve low latency and sustainability, and meet the growing demand for bandwidth

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50GPON technology, fully named as 50 Gigabit Passive Optical Network, is a new generation of fiber access technology.
Compared with the traditional GPON technology, 50GPON has a huge improvement in transmission speed and capacity. 


Background of development of 50G PON technology


PON technology originated from early APON/BPON, and after multiple generations of development,
GPON and EPON have been widely deployed in commercial applications, providing users with up to 100 Mbps bandwidth access capabilities.
The next-generation 10G PON technology such as 10G GPON and 10G-EPON has also been widely deployed in commercial applications,
providing users with up to 1 Gbps bandwidth, achieving gigabit network coverage, meeting the requirements of 4K/8K video business scale applications,
as well as the early introduction requirements of VR/AR services.
With video services becoming the basic business of broadband networks,
and PON technology gradually expanding from the home broadband field to the government and enterprise industry fields,
such as remote medical treatment, industrial intelligent manufacturing, factory and mine communication, etc., on the one hand,
higher requirements are put forward for bandwidth, and on the other hand, corresponding requirements are also put forward for time delay,
packet loss, jitter and service quality and user experience. 

For example, VR service, its bandwidth requirements exceed 1Gbps, user experience improvement requires 5ms (RTT delay) low delay,
and telemedicine end-to-end communication delay is less than 50ms, and jitter is less than 200μin order to meet the needs of business development in the post-10G PON era.
IEEE and ITU-T/FSAN began to consider the technical research work of the next generation of PON after the completion of the standard development of 10G PON.


Key features of 50G PON technology include:


50G PON technology is a high-speed optical access technology based on single wavelength, which can provide users with access bandwidth close to 50Gbps,
and can be widely used in the information construction of enterprise dedicated line access, campus network/campus network.
The construction of one fiber and one network can meet all service access requirements.
It can provide low-delay and deterministic access network capabilities for enterprises and industrial intelligent fields, and help enterprises to transform informatization.


High bandwidth:

50G PON technology supports different combinations of symmetric and asymmetric rates, with a 50Gbps rate for downlink and 10Gbps,
25Gbps and 50Gbps for uplink. Compared with 10G PON technology, 50G PON technology can provide more than 4 times the access bandwidth
to meet a variety of high-speed, high-traffic service requirements.


Low latency:

50G PON technology introduces dedicated activation wavelength (DAW), Collaborative DBA (CoDBA) and reduced allocation period to achieve low latency.


High reliability:

50G PON technology adopts LDPC (Low Density Parity Check) codec scheme for FEC forward error correction, which can improve receiver sensitivity,
reduce the requirement of high-speed optical devices, and reuse the existing ODN network.


High compatibility:

The 50G PON technology supports coexistence with 10G GPON and 10G-EPON and is as compatible as possible with existing ODN networks.


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